Crafted with Quality and Care in China

All our products are designed by the team working in Sydney, Australia, and are manufactured in China

We have done an extensive research to find what we believe is a great quality factory and we work closely with our factory to ensure you get the best guitar in its price range by far.

At Artist Guitars, we choose what we think is the best quality instruments for the best price, and in our opinion, our instruments sound and feel better than most other brands. 

For example, all our classic guitar models come with a truss rod. No other guitar brand delivers a truss rod in our price range. 

Some of our guitars use Fishman pre-amps, D'Addario strings, bone nut and saddle, solid tonewoods and Wilkinson pick-ups. This level of components is unheard of at this price. It is our passion to bring you the highest quality for the best price that we can!

Our Quality Control team, headed by Leo, works closely with the factory in China to identify any issues in the way guitars are manufactured, set up, handled and packaged. 

You can see for yourself all the guitars that are rejected, due to our scrupulous checks, are all sold in our Bargain Bin category. As you'll see most of these guitars are factory seconds due to some kind of defect identified in Quality Control Checks. 

We treat this process very seriously because it enables us to develop better production and handling techniques and reduce the number of Factory Seconds.


If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact us!

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