Return for Replacement, Exchange or Refund.

With all returns, you’re eligible for a replacement, exchange or refund. 

We cannot offer store credit, however. 

If you’ve got your eye on something, we are more than happy to exchange your returned item for what you’ve got your eye on, provided it’s in stock. 

If you’re waiting on a particular item that’s on pre-order, we can have your item returned and put the value towards the pre-order. 

If the item you want to exchange your return for shows as “Out of Stock” on our website, however, we cannot put the value of the returned item towards a pre-order. 

Out of stock items are unable to be ordered, and we can only put through an order when it shows as “Pre Order” or “In Stock”.


The best way to go about this situation would be to refund you, so you can purchase the item when It’s back in stock.

If you have any further questions or need any assistance, please let us know.

1300 489 816 800 983 1047
0800 025 4670 808 189 0084