Our 100 Day Free Returns Policy and Customer Returned Items

All customer returned items are checked by our staff prior to being sent to the Bargain Bin. 

The staff will note down any cosmetic or functional issues with the product, and it will be priced based on the overall condition of the product. 

All Items in our Customer Returned / Bargain Bin section come with the standard 3-year warranty that all our brand-new products do. 

The 100-day free returns period does not apply for customer returned items. 

If the description of the guitar does not match the product you received we are more than happy to facilitate a return, as the product you received was not correct.

If you purchased a bargain binned item, and you believe it's not what was described on the product page, reach out to us via email and we can answer any questions and help you out.

sales@artistguitars.com.au sales@artist-guitars.com 
1300 489 816 800 983 1047
sales@artistguitars.co.nz sales@artistguitars.co.uk 
0800 025 4670 808 189 0084