Pre-Ordering Products

Pre-orders are possible on certain products we sell. When you open a product page on our website, you’ll see one of three things. 

This means that the product is in stock, and we can dispatch it for you straight away.

This means that the product is out of stock, and we do not have a solid ETA of when they’re back in stock. These products cannot be pre-ordered yet.

This means that the item is on pre-order and can be ordered. When we have available stock, it’ll be dispatched. 

The date on the pre-order indicates when we will have it available at our warehouse, ready to be shipped to our customers.

To place a pre-order is very straightforward. 

First, find the product you would like to purchase. It’ll say Pre-Order with the shipping date, as shown above. 

Graphical user interface

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To place the item on pre-order, all you need to do is click the big “PRE-ORDER” button, which will add it to your cart. 

Then you go through the checkout as normal to place the order. 

We will send a confirmation via email once the order has been placed. 

Any updates to the pre-order ETA will be sent to you via email also.

If this doesn't work for you, please contact us at one of the following:

1300 489 816 800 983 1047
0800 025 4670 808 189 0084