New Zealand Tracking Numbers

For our customers in New Zealand, an issue we have been experiencing is that they’re only sent 1 tracking number, even when there’s more than 1 parcel on the order. 

This is something we are working on, but let's have a look at how to find the second parcel.

Firstly, your tracking number will look something like this.


This is a tracking number for a single consignment. The way to find the other items on the order is easy if you know how. 

All you need to do is select from the first letter, to the end of the tracking number, and delete. The updated tracking number will look like this now.


I’ll show you a real-world example. Please keep in mind that this is a real tracking number, and has been censored for the customer’s privacy.

First, go to

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Secondly, plug in the tracking number. The page will look like this

After this, if you delete from the first letter onwards, you’ll see this

This should allow you to see all parcels on the order, and the status of each one.

If you have any further questions, give us a call or send an email!

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